Do you want to build your business? This is possible through getting funding to purchase more stock or get an acquisition that can help the business grow. This funding can come in the form of a business loan from a bank. You also apply to receive a credit card from a bank to help in business funding.

A bank will ask you for a personal guarantor who can be liable in case the business does not succeed and you are unable to pay the loan. The bank evaluates your credit application by looking at your credit score. You need a high credit score for you to receive funding for your business.

Difference factors may affect your credit rating, but there are ways in which you can improve it. The first strategy to use to boost this score is always to settle your bills early enough. You should never miss out on your payment since this affects your credit score negatively. If you a paying for your mortgage, ensure that you pay it on time since the credit bureau can receive this report and lower the score.

Late payments can also disqualify you from credit approval in the future. Use creative ways to take care of your credit obligations such as eliminating unnecessary spending. You can also boost your score through monitoring credit files to confirm that there are no errors or frauds. One of the credit card services is mobile banking that can help you keep track of your credit files. This can notify you in the event of any changes which may be either be positive or negative.

Such monitoring services also allow you to pull fresh reports on a monthly basis. Though you will be required to pay for the service, it can improve your credit score. It allows auditing and reviewing of your credit profiles. This will prevent you from fraudsters and hackers by tracking your credit files.

Sometimes, credit scores may not be accurate due to people sharing similar names or addresses. Such incidences can affect your credit file causing errors on your credit report. Proper monitoring can help you identify incorrect items in your file and help you raise your score.

You should also maintain your old accounts. Closing a credit card account that you may have stopped using can affect your scores negatively. Credit bureaus consider the age of an account when trying to determine your score.

You may have been using credit card checks to pay your customers using that account. Do not close it even if you no longer use it since the age of your account can raise your score. Ensure that it stays active by running small purchases on it so that the issuer does not render it inactive and close it. Also, avoid opening a lot of accounts within a short period since it lowers the age of your account and reduces your credit score.

A family member can also add you in place of an authorised user on an old account. This enables you to inherit a credit card’s limit thus improving your credit history. It minimizes your utilization and raises your credit score. Ensure that you pursue a card that has an excellent payment history as well as large limits.